Prickly Pear: Fruit for Your Face

In an earlier edition of Allure magazine, they feature a peculiar fruit.  A prickly pear to be exact.  If you haven’t run across it in your local farmer’s market don’t feel bad.  It’s an exotic fruit many haven’t heard of.  It’s now starting to pick up quite a buzz (ahem, being featured in a beauty magazine) but of course, our skin scientists had heard of it a while ago. And, when they found how incredible it was, they added it to our skin care product…way back in 2008.

We’re certainly glad that this antioxidant fruit is getting the attention it deserves.  You’ll see it’s one of the stars in our Exfoliant.  You can find it on the label under its unassuming name: Hydrolyzed Opuntia Ficus-Indica Flower Extract.

Prickly pear survives in the desert, and the Allure article pointed out that people trying to survive in that parched climate harnessed its potential. “People in the Israeli desert mix it with water to create a cream for windburn.”

We’ve found out it can do more than help windburn.  By adding this potent pear with bamboo and jojoba we made a holy trinity for your face.  Instead of having a clarifier made of something irritating that scraped against your face like sandpaper, our skin scientists found that they could do the same thing (i.e. get the old, gross stuff off) without being so harsh.  Prickly pear, along with bamboo and jojoba gently sweep and roll away dead skin to reveal the vibrant and fresh skin underneath.

You can enjoy the fruits of our labours.  Literally.

Go slather some Exfoliant on your face while our scientists continue to search for the next latest and greatest ingredient.