Quiz: What’s Your Wellness Personality?

Ever wonder why it can be so hard to stick to a wellness routine? Turns out, there are a lot of reasons people fall off the wagon, and much of it depends on your wellness personality. Maybe you’re not seeing results. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by adding too many new supplements or lifestyle changes to your routine and need a streamlined approach. Or maybe you’re simply too busy to dedicate time to new healthy habits.

Your wellness personality is what drives you to stick to a routine for optimal health. Are you someone who meticulously researches every supplement before incorporating it into your routine? Or perhaps you like to take a holistic approach that blends lifestyle changes along with supplementation. Do you thrive on structure or are you all about efficiency?

Understanding your unique approach to wellness is key to making lasting, effective changes to your health. So, how do you identify your wellness personality? Easy! Just take this quick 5-question quiz:

Quiz: What’s Your Wellness Personality?

How do you prefer to approach your wellness journey?

  1. With a critical eye towards scientific evidence.
  2. Embracing a holistic approach that includes lifestyle changes.
  3. Following a structured regimen or routine.
  4. Finding simple ways to enhance my health.


When considering a new supplement, what’s most important to you?

  1. Scientific research and studies backing its efficacy.
  2. That it supports long-term goals and isn’t just a quick fix.
  3. That my supplements work together as a system and dosage is clear.
  4. It’s convenient and easy to use on-the-go.


What do you find most challenging about adding supplements to your health routine?

  1. There are so many supplements available, it’s hard to know what’s effective.
  2. I know supplements can only do so much, I need to make lifestyle changes too.
  3. It can be complicated to stick to, too many steps or confusing dosing.
  4. I’m so busy I forget to take my supplements, then I feel bad about it.


How much time are you willing to dedicate to your wellness routine each day?

  1. However long scientific research has found will be effective.
  2. I see my whole day as part of my wellness routine, it’s more of a lifestyle really.
  3. I thrive on structure and routine, so I’m committed to making time.
  4. I prefer efficient solutions that don’t require a lot of time or effort.


Aside from supplements, what healthy activities do you prioritise?

  1. Cardio for my heart, strength training for bone density and yoga for fascia.
  2. A little bit of everything, meditation, hiking with my dog, football with friends.
  3. I count steps on my fitness tracker, love HIIT and never skip leg day.
  4. Do chasing my toddler and running errands count as exercise?


If you answered mostly A:

You are The Science Seeker. You value supplements that are backed by rigorous scientific research and rely on evidence-based approaches to wellness. You don’t fall for the hype and can differentiate between wellness trends vs. tried-and-true advice.

Modere Liquid BioCell® and BioCell Collagen® CG products backed by award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology are right up your alley. Our single-source collagen matrix delivers type II collagen, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate Bio-Optimized™ into micromolecules shown to absorb in the bloodstream and in the surface layers of the skin. Need more proof? See the results from several peer-reviewed, double-blind studies at https://www.modere.eu/collagensciences and shop these products here!

If you answered mostly B:

You are The Holistic Hero. You understand that supplements are just one piece of the puzzle and prefer a holistic approach that incorporates daily habits alongside supplementation. You don’t believe in short-term wellness goals. Everything you do is part of a bigger picture the prioritises wellness as a lifestyle.

Modere has a wide selection of Nutritional products, from supporting your vitamins and minerals intake, to fibre, friendly bacteria, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients and more! Discover our range here!

If you answered mostly C:

You are The Routine Rockstar. You thrive on structure and routine and prefer supplements that are part of a structured regimen that is easy to follow.

And if healthy weight management is top of mind, you’ll flip for Modere Body Transformation System, a 3-step system to help you metabolise fat, support energy expenditure and promote weight control to support a total body transformation.

Step 1: Activate, a monthly, 3-day cleanse designed to kick-start your digestive system with ginger root which contributes to normal digestive function.

Step 2: Ignite, a vegan, dairy-free formula crafted with a blend of Sinetrol® citrus extracts and guarana, plus l-carnitine and plant-derived caffeine,

Step 3: to a robust combination of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and multi-patented Liquid BioCell™ technology. A great-tasting, sugar-free way to introduce a highly absorbable form of collagen and a boost of CLA into the body.

Together, these three products can optimise and complement any nutritional, exercise or weight management programme.

If you answered mostly D:

You are The Busy Biohacker. You’re all about efficiency and prefer supplements that can seamlessly be incorporated into your existing healthy habits, such as drink mixes or on-the-go options.

For example, Modere GO sachets can easily be added to the water you already drink, optimising every sip with brain-boosting nootropics3 including bacopa (considered one of the best nootropics in the world!) and natural caffeine from green tea, plus 6 amino acids. It’s also an excellent source of B vitamins shown to contribute to brain health4, and helps support increased alertness1, mental clarity3 and normal cognitive function4.

But brain health benefits are just the beginning. GO also delivers most of the vitamins and minerals your body needs for daily nutritional support6 and a boost of immune support7. This comprehensive, holistic approach will help you feel focused4 and healthy7 to take on whatever the day throws your way!

1 The ingredient caffeine, from green tea, helps to improve concentration and increase alertness

3 Bacopa supports mental function, memory and learning, and supports knowledge retention and recall

4 Vitamins thiamine, niacin, B6 and B12 contribute to normal psychological/cognitive and/or nervous system function. Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function.

6 Manganese, along with vitamins B2, C, thiamine, niacin and pantothenic acid, contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism

7 The minerals selenium and zinc, along with vitamins A, C, D and folic acid contribute to the normal function of the immune system

8Guarana seed contributes to normal fat metabolism and weight control

Understanding your wellness personality can help you make more informed choices about how to incorporate supplements into your routine. And by choosing supplements that align with your unique approach to wellness, you can maximise their effectiveness because you’ll be more likely to stick to your regimen. Whether you’re a Science Seeker, a Holistic Hero, a Routine Rockstar, or a Busy Biohacker, Modere offers a wide range of solutions to help design a healthy life that’s perfect for you!