Do you ever notice that when the weather heats up, your skin and hair turn into a hot mess too? Summer brings a slew of challenges triggered by sun, salt, humidity and chlorine — even your air conditioning begins to challenge your beauty regime.

The fact is, when seasons change, so should your beauty bag. Keep reading to find out which clean label essentials you can pick up to help avoid these effects, and keep look flawless at any pool party, beach day or garden BBQ this summer.

How Summer affects your skin and hair

Depending on where you live, the summer heat can bring with it a wave of humidity. This spike in moisture causes an increase in sweat, which can lead to excess oil and clogged pores. And as for hair, most people (especially those with curly locks) are well aware of the frizz that takes hold when humidity peaks.

Sunshine is definitely a warm welcome after months of cold, but as you begin to spend more time outdoors, you also expose your skin and hair to intense sun rays. If not protected properly, this can lead to long-term damage ranging from dehydrated, brittle hair to dark spots, wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. Of course, SPF is the only way to defend your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays but incorporating soothing products can also help reduce dryness and uneven skin tone.

Environmental Stressors
Pollution is another huge factor that affects the health of your skin and hair. While outdoor pollution is a year-round problem, it becomes a bigger concern as you shift to more outdoor dinner parties, workouts and weekend activities during warmer months. This is when your body tends to be exposed to higher amounts of dust, smoke and debris.

Salt & Chlorine
A splash in the cool water is one of the most enjoyable ways to survive the summer heat, but did you know both the pool and ocean can have a negative impact on your skin and hair? Whether swimming in chlorine or salt water, these compounds tend to cause excessive dryness. Salt is known to soak up moisture while chlorine strips the skin and hair of the natural oils that are essential for hydration.

Air Conditioner
Another cool-down method that could be causing dry skin and hair? Your A/C. Because air conditioners tend to remove moisture from the air, they are also one of the biggest culprits causing frizzy hair and dull skin. Overtime this can lead to brittle hair that lacks shine, along with flaky skin that is vulnerable to signs of premature aging.

The good news is, with the right clean label products you can beat the summer heat and keep your skin and hair looking hydrated and feeling their best—from head-to-toe. Discover them below:


Many of us are trading in our jeans for shorts and our jumpers for sundresses—and it’s this very wardrobe switch that often leads to a boost in demand for products that leave skin looking tan, toned and smooth.

For lovely smooth legs:
Do you love that silky feeling that comes with freshly shaved legs? Grooming is a form of self care, and making sure you’ve got the best products to do so will elevate the experience.

If you’re looking to up your beauty game, check out our Modere Shave Cream. Get a closer, smoother shave than you ever thought possible. Our exclusive formula is an instant favourite featuring naturally derived gliding agents and rich moisturisers for an effortless shave.

For tanned-looking skin: Sunkissed skin is definitely a warm weather must-have. But while lounging by the pool or a nap on the beach was once a typical way to acquire a glow, now we know constant exposure to UV rays from the sun is proven to accelerate both skin ageing and damage. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so you want to make sure it is protected, but slathering up in sunscreen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an authentic-looking tan. With Modere CellProof Sunless Tanning Foam, you can get true colour results that are perfect for summer, and promote youthful-looking skin. It’s the ONLY self-tanner that features patented BioCell Collagen® CG with hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides to deeply hydrate and transform your skin’s appearance. This lightweight formula works with the skin’s protein to develop natural-looking colour in as little as 4 to 8 hours with a flawless, streak-free application.

For toned and smooth-looking skin: Dimpled skin is one of the top complaints women have when it comes their skin’s appearance. If you’re ready to slip into that new bathing suit but want a little help toning and smoothing the appearance of certain areas, then this innovative body care formula should be at the top of your summer essentials list! Modere CellProof Body Firming Foam is a luxurious, airy foam that is designed to help visibly even, firm and tighten targeted areas of the body. Powered by patented BioCell Collagen® CG, plus Macaline® Maca and Pro-Sveltyl OP®, Body Firming Foam boosts hydration while reducing the appearance of cellulite on the thighs, abdomen, abs and more.



For a well-deserved cool down :

Although we try to avoid any pesky sunburns, sometimes despite our efforts, our time in the sun runs a little long. To rescue your over-exposed skin and minimize any resulting discomfort, add our Modere Soothing Lotion to your travel bag. Combined with aloe vera, rosehip oil, and botanicals, its rich, creamy texture absorbs quickly to restore moisture balance, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth without a greasy finish.


Don’t let brittle hair strands stand in the way of perfect beach waves or that night-time updo. As we said, summer heat and humidity can have a huge impact on the health of your hair, and constant exposure to UVA/UVB rays, salt and chlorine has the potential to leave it looking dry and brittle.

For strong shiny hair

If your hair is in need of a reset, reach for another Modere summer essential. CellProof MicroBond Hair System. So effective, it’s tested to deliver results in just one use.† With award-winning, patented FiberHance™ and BioCell Collagen® CG micromolecules which deliver a 360˚ approach to healthy-looking hair, alongside potent botanicals like pea peptide and plant-derived squalane, plus panthenol.

For daily hair protection

The holiday sun isn’t the kindest to your hair, so make sure you add Modere Antioxidant Hair Serum to your suitcase this summer. This restorative potion with a rich, saturating blend of exotic kendi, nyamplung, and argan oils infuses tired-out hair with moisture, smoothing frizz and leaves hair beautifully styled

Don’t let summer fun take a toll on your skin and hair. Protect your body from head to toe with these clean label must-haves that will help you beat the summer heat…and look great doing it! To find out more about these summer essentials or shop our lineup of science-backed health, beauty and lifestyle products, visit www.modere.eu or www.modere.co.uk.