5 recipes to turn your Liquid Nutritionals into delicious treats

Do you know our Modere Liquid Nutritionals? Including Modere Noni, Mineral Solutions and Aloe Vera, they each have their own specific ingredients and health benefits, helping support your everyday wellness.

Below you will find 5 delicious recipes created by our incredible recipe contest winners in June. They have turned taking your daily supplement into a fun moment to make a delicious treat to eat.  Get your blenders ready!

Synergistic Noni Smoothie

Harness the power of the noni fruit with this berry delicious smoothie. Packed with polysaccharides, we added our synergistic blend of Modere Noni and fruit juices to create your new favourite drink.

Serves 1


* 75g  blueberries

* 4 strawberries

* ½ green apple

* 30 ml of Modere Aloe Vera

* 15 ml of Modere Noni

* 200ml of water


Add the blueberries, strawberries and apple into a blender.

Pour in the water, Modere Aloe Vera and Noni and blend.

Pour into a glass with ice for a fresh twist.

Aloe Panna Cotta

If Panna Cotta is your dessert of choice, now’s the time to serve it up Modere style. With 100% organic Aloe Vera and a few scoops of Axis™ PhytoReds, this dessert is now fully loaded with benefits and taste! To be shared with those you care for.

Serves 6


50 g of desiccated coconut

1 lime

1 ripe mango

1 vanilla pod

600ml single cream

4 g agar (2 tsp)

3 scoops of Axis™ PhytoReds

90 ml Modere Aloe Vera


Dilute the agar in 2 tbsp of cold water.

Then, in a pan bring the cream to the boil over a medium heat with the lime zest, coconut and split vanilla pod. Cover and leave to infuse for 3 minutes. Strain the cream and if necessary, heat it again (the cream must be very hot).

Add the thickened agar water to the hot cream and whisk until completely dissolved, then add the Aloe Vera and mix.

Pour into 6 small ramekins and leave to set in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Once set, cut the mango lengthwise, collect half the mango flesh, and mix with 3 scoops of Axis™ PhytoReds.

Cut the other half into small cubes.

Spread the mango and Axis™ PhytoReds coulis over the panna cotta, then decorate with mango cubes, desiccated coconut and fresh mint.


Pink Noni-nade

Cool down and stay deliciously hydrated with our fresh and colourful Noninade. The perfect recipe to share on a sunny afternoon.

Serves 2


* 4 fresh mint leaves

*2 tsp of chia seeds

*2 lemon slices

*60 ml of Modere Aloe Vera

*30 ml of Modere Noni

*2 scoops of Axis™ PhytoReds

*500 ml of water


Pour water into a jug and add 2scoops of Axis™ PhytoReds. Stir well.

Add the Modere Aloe Vera and Noni.

Add ice cubes to 2 glasses and pour in the mixture.

Sprinkle with mint, chia seeds and lemon slices.


Minerals Vinaigrette

Boost any salad with a topping of this very special vinaigrette. With a shot of Modere Mineral Solutions, your salad now delivers a concentration of B-vitamins, amino acids and fruit extracts. That’s a salad topping you won’t regret.

Serves 1


* 30ml of Modere Noni

* 15ml of Olive Oil

* 1 tsp of honey

* 1 tsp of mustard

* 15 ml of Modere Mineral Solutions


In a bowl add honey and mustard and whisk. Next add the olive oil, the Modere Noni and Modere Mineral solutions. Whisk until you end up with a homogenous vinaigrette.  Pour over your favourite salad.

Aloe Ice Lollies

Craving something sweet and cold? We’ve got you covered with these Aloe lollies. There can’t be a better way to take advantage of the powerful benefits of Modere Aloe Vera.

Makes 6 lollies


* 2 tsp of Honey

* 13 grapes

*7 blackberries

* 30ml of Modere Aloe Vera

*2 scoops of Modere Axis™ PhytoReds

* 200ml water


Add the grapes, and blackberries to a blender and top with the water.

Blend well then pass the mixture through a sieve.

Add the honey and Modere Aloe Vera to the preparation. Then add 2 scoops of Modere Axis™ PhytoReds and stir well.

Pour into lolly moulds and place them in the freezer until they set well (about 2 hours).

Remove from lolly moulds and enjoy.