Is there anything more uncomfortable than an upset stomach? Whether you indulged in an office pastry too many or worked yourself into a stress-induced stomachache, we all experience occasional digestive issues that range from embarrassing to downright uncomfortable. So, what’s the best way to support your digestive system? Read on to discover expert tips on how to support digestion and how to select the best food supplement for your goals.

Normal Digestion Starts Here

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for optimal digestion, but there are several things nearly all of us can benefit from: eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and exercising routinely — especially walking. These all improve gut mobility.

90% of adults don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables, which are excellent sources of fibre and phytonutrients that our bodies need to support gut health. Fibre and phytonutrients can help support comfortable digestion and regularity. They also play an important role by supporting a diverse population of friendly gut bacteria.

Staying hydrated is essential to digestion because it facilitates healthy bowel and kidney movements and helps the body flush toxins. While aiming for 8 glasses of water a day is a popular benchmark, quantity isn’t the only factor in staying hydrated. You also need to have proper electrolyte balance. If you’re active, elderly or live in a warm climate, you’re more likely to be missing minerals needed for optimal hydration.

Those of us who work at a desk all day may be more prone to occasional digestive issues, because movement is essential to digestive health. Aiming for more physical activity like taking a walk on your lunch break or after dinner is a great way to facilitate more comfortable digestion.

In addition to eating better, staying hydrated and exercising, getting enough sleep and reducing stress both go a long way in supporting digestive health. When your adrenal system is in overdrive, whether due to too many late nights, occasional anxiety or a combination of both, it increases cortisol in the body, which may result in stomach and/or intestinal discomfort. Sleep and stress levels also play a role in the health of your microbiome. Too little sleep and too much stress can be harmful to the health of the bacteria in your intestine. Fortunately, the right digestive supplements can aid your body’s natural rhythm.

To recap, here are the 6 ways to support digestive health:

  1. Eat more fruits & veggies
  2. Drink more water
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Try targeted food supplements

How to Choose a Food Supplement

The most important factor in choosing a supplement is to know and trust your manufacturer. Where do they get their ingredients? Does the supplement include a physiologically effective dose shown to deliver results? Are there any studies or scientific research to back a supplement’s claims? And is it formulated to be bioavailable, meaning the body is readily able to absorb the supplement’s ingredients?

Here is an overview of the most popular food supplements, how they work and the benefits they can offer:

For Proactive Daily Support: Friendly Bacteria

Naturally found in foods like yogurt, kombucha and kimchi, friendly bacteria strains have more recently gained popularity as household nutritional supplements. Different strains of bacteria offer different benefits, and some are more highly studied than others.

Modere Protozymes delivers 5 strains studied for their ability to support the growth of friendly bacteria and restore balance in the gut. Each capsule contains 2.88 billion live cells, which help crowd out harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.

For a more comprehensive approach, Modere Axis™ TreBiotic offers 3 highly studied, acid-resistant bacteria strains — L. plantarum DR7, L. brevis and P. acidilactici — plus, it contains GOS, a food source that friendly bacteria need to survive. What’s more, it also provides EpiCor®, a whole-food fermentate backed by 15 scientific studies. Together in a one-of-a-kind Microbiome Matrix™, these 3 ingredients are delivered via a unique beadlet delivery system and offer 10 billion cells per serving at time of manufacture.

For Balanced Digestion of Your Favourite Foods: Enzymes

Your body’s natural enzymes help you break down food so you can absorb essential nutrients, improving the digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. But even healthy individuals may benefit from taking enzymes on an as-needed basis. Your natural enzyme production can diminish as you age, so if you find that foods you once enjoyed now cause an upset stomach, like dairy or certain grains, it could be a sign your body is lacking sufficient enzymes.

Enzymes are meant to be taken with a meal, typically your largest meal of the day. For occasional use, try taking them when eating foods that may trigger your discomfort. Some formulas, like Modere Enzymes,* contain additional soothing ingredients like ginger and fennel. Modere Enzymes contains 7 different enzymes to provide a broad spectrum of enzymes to supplement your diet.

*Subject to country availability.

To Support Your Natural Rhythm: Fibre

Fibre is naturally obtained from plant-based foods, one reason why eating more fruits and vegetables is so important to gut health. It binds with water and presents bulk to the colon; therefore, transit time is quicker during digestion.

Because so few of us eat enough fruits and vegetables and most of us fall short of meeting recommended daily fibre intake, a fibre supplement like Modere Fiber can go a long way in helping support your natural rhythm. It contains over 25% of the recommended daily value of fibre.*

For When You Need to Hit the Reset Button: Digestive Cleanses

Digestive cleanses come in many varieties. If you’re eating healthy and staying hydrated, your body should be able to naturally cleanse itself, but because so many of us fall short of consistently eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water, cleanses can help support your digestive system. Unfortunately, a lot of cleanses require you to change your daily eating habits, which can be hard on your digestive system and may counteract some of the benefits you’re trying to achieve.

Modere Activate cleanse only needs to be taken for 3 days once a month and is intended to be taken with your usual meals. It contains ingredients including powdered aloe, ginger root and dandelion to kick-start your digestion and complement a weight management programme.

Whether you’re looking for occasional digestive support or daily supplements for overall wellbeing, there are plenty of options to help you feel your best. Explore all our clean label wellness products at modere.eu

*EFSA Scientific Opinion on Dietary Reference Values for carbohydrates and dietary fibre.