Why use a moisturizer?

Youve probably heard it everywhere; it is the top models number one beauty tip; you read about it on every blog; your best friend panicked when she heard you were not doing it, and dermatologists probably agree: you need to moisturize!

We’ve listed the top reasons why moisturizing is so important to support glowing, healthy skin:

  1. Your skin needs extra help

Pollution, and at this time of year particularly, cold wind and central heating …all these factors attack your skin on a daily basis and can disrupt its hydration mechanism. This means that your skin loses more water than it absorbs, reducing the cellular activity and leaving you with a skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Sensitive skins can even suffer from crocodile skin…not so cool if you ask us! By moisturizing, you give your skin this little extra push by strengthening its barrier against the daily onslaught.

  1. It contributes to a better-looking skin

If you want your skin to look and feel better, using a high-quality moisturizer on a daily basis is key. Giving your skin the moisture it needs, helps to achieve natural glow that immediately makes it look healthier. It also reduces the risk of having redness and flaking, chapped skin and helps avoid potential damage: a win-win situation.

  1. You will thank us later

In addition to the immediate benefits of using a moisturizer, you will also see a good result in the long haul. Moisturizing gives your skin more elasticity and plumps it up, making it a little harder for wrinkles to settle in.


How to get the best out of a moisturizer?

 Define your skin type

First, you need to choose the adequate moisturizer according to your skin type: those with dry skin will find a rich formula especially suited to their needs in the Modere Day Cream for Dry Skin, whereas combination and oily skins will need a lighter version; the Modere Day Lotion Combination Skin is thus better adapted to them. In addition to your day cream, which focuses mainly on protection and support, it is recommended to use a night cream, which will provide crucial hydration to help fight the visible signs of ageing while you sleep. Here again, pick the Modere night cream adapted to your skin type.

  1. Prepare your skin

To make sure you get the best out of moisturizing, don’t forget to cleanse your skin thorougly and to exfoliate at least once a week so the product can penetrate your skin. This will ensure that it properly absorbs all the moisture and that you’re not only hydrating dead skin cells.

  1. Be gentle with your skin

It is very tempting to rub the product vigorously into the skin or to dry your face quickly with a towel, but these habits do more harm than good. Your skin is a fragile little thing so treat it with kindness! Gently pat the cream on your face and spread it smoothly in a circular movement. You should see an improvement.