Hygge: embracing autumn the Scandinavian way

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and it is sometimes hard for some of us to let go of the sunny warm days and not get a little grumpy. Thankfully, the Scandinavians have thought about THE solution for us to get all cheery and to be looking forward to winter again…The solution is called “hygge”!

Hygge is the Scandinavian way of the approaching cold and dark days and still feeling great about it. Hygge can be translated into “cosiness” or “wellbeing”, something our Nordic neighbours are especially good at. Pronounced “hoo-ga”, hygge is all about getting all wrapped up in a nice blanket, with a warm drink and having a good laugh with your closest friends. The essence of hygge is really about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with great people. For this, lighting up a few candles, wearing your warmest socks and watching your favourite movie might help, but to go really deep into hygge, you need to refocus on what is essential in your life to make you happy. Perhaps it is taking the time to call that friend you have been wanting to have coffee with for ages? Or maybe it is finally taking that painting class you always have dreamt of. Whatever it takes, it is basically about listening to what you need, being gentle with yourself and taking it easy. By doing this you will have a much more grateful approach to life and simply be happier. After all, the Danes must do something good, if they are the world’s happiest nation!

Are you willing to give it a go? Here is a list of activities for inspiration:

  • Having a long, hot bath full of luxurious bubbles
  • Going for a walk in the park
  • Going to the spa with your best friend
  • Lighting up a fire and reading a good book
  • Cooking together with the family
  • Having coffee and cake with friends
  • Knitting
  • Leaving work on time