The exotic noni fruit has traditionally been grown in mineral-rich volcanic soils of Southeast Asia and Polynesia. While this optimizes the highly prized superfruit’s remarkable health benefits, it also adds an inherent risk to farming this crop, as the land may be prone to destruction from volcanic activity.

A recent eruption in Hawaii caused significant damage to approximately 80% of the land where Modere Noni is sourced. Consequently, our Hawaiian ingredient supplier is no longer able to fully meet the ongoing demand for its noni fruit.

Although noni can be farmed in other soil conditions, the fruit produced is of inferior quality and fertilizers must be added to compensate for the lack of minerals in the soil. Modere is committed to ensuring that our noni supply is grown in optimal climate conditions and the most naturally enriched, fertile and uncontaminated soils. In order to continue supplying our customers with the highest quality noni juice, Modere has taken this opportunity to seek a new source.

Our product formulation, research and quality departments scoured the globe searching for the world’s best noni sources and suppliers. We evaluated all stages of production including farms, production and processing facilities. After conducting extensive testing including chemical composition, identity, genetic, microbiological, pesticide and organoleptic, we are pleased to announce that we’ve secured a new temporary supplier who meets all of our highest standards.

Our new noni ingredient comes from a region of Southeast Asia known as the “Hawaii of the East”, in an area situated at the same latitude (18° N) as our original Hawaiian-sourced ingredient. The farms as well as adjacent farmlands are certified 100% pesticide-free.

The updated juice formula will temporarily use a blend of 51% Hawaiian material and 49% material imported from our new Southeast Asian supplier. As such, “Hawaiian” will be removed from the name of our noni product.

Modere is highly motivated to find a permanent supplier who can both meet our stringent quality specifications and produce the volume of raw material necessary in the long term to meet the ongoing demand for Modere Noni. For this reason, our source may change again in the future so that we can consistently produce the high quality noni juice product you’ve come to expect from Modere.