Did you know that with one simple choice, you can support positive social and environmental change? Join Modere and the Rainforest Alliance by following the frog. When you do, you can be confident that you’re not only getting the world’s best coffee beans in your Modere Logiq™, you’ll also help improve the lives of millions of people and protect the planet at the same time.


The Rainforest Alliance has been working hard to advance sustainability for 35 years. This remarkable organization is in 70 countries, working with farms of all sizes and last year they certified over 14 million acres of farmland as sustainable. That includes working with more than 4 million farmers and laborers, as well as 5,000 food and consumer product brands around the world.

To represent their crucial work, the Rainforest Alliance chose the red-eyed tree frog. That’s because frogs are a key indicator species that live on every continent, except Antarctica. Their presence in the environment is a positive sign, showing that the natural ecosystem is balanced and thriving. Similarly, when you choose products with the Rainforest Alliance seal, you’re supporting sustainable agriculture for a healthier planet.


Some certification organizations merely do a paperwork audit, but the Rainforest Alliance does so much more. Their certification uses onsite verification and teaches farmers better ways to track vital data. Perhaps most importantly, they also help farmers establish goals for continuous improvement.

To ensure sustainability improvements are made, Rainforest Alliance trains farmers and workers in land management best practices, including climate-smart agriculture and sustainable forestry. They also advocate for local governments to take action by addressing worker rights, and building partnerships to solve social and environmental problems.

Currently, the Rainforest Alliance focuses its efforts where it can do the most good, on high-volume foods, including coffee, tea, cocoa and bananas, and the countless products that use them.


Food touches every aspect of our lives, from daily meals to get-togethers with friends. That’s why switching to more sustainable food sources is a meaningful way that you can make a difference. When you buy products with the Rainforest Alliance frog, you’re choosing to take action because purchasing with purpose is a simple, yet powerful way you can promote positive change. With that one small choice, you help improve the livelihoods of farmers and their families, as well as protect forests and fight climate change.

Choosing Rainforest Alliance products protects forests and biodiversity by promoting more sustainable land management practices, including the use of native vegetation and trees, soil regeneration, water conservation, pesticide reduction, and pest management. Using local, climate-smart agriculture also empowers farmers to fight climate change and adapt to its impact. In 2021 alone, the Rainforest Alliance trained over 11,000 people in these better farming methods.

But that’s not all. Your product choices can also help lift people out of poverty with sustainable opportunities for farmers, workers and their families. This includes addressing human rights abuses like forced and child labor, low wages, poor working conditions and gender inequality. The Rainforest Alliance accomplishes this by working directly with farmers and businesses, and actively advocating for better regulations with local governments.


At Modere, we’re committed to educating people in the simple yet powerful ways they can adopt a live clean lifestyle to support a healthier, more sustainable future. That’s because we believe live clean is a way of life. And it encompasses everything we do, from our safer ingredient paradigm and commitment to transparency to our sustainability efforts and role as a global citizen. It drives us to reduce water use, lower CO2 emissions, provide recyclable packaging and so much more. Learn more about our live clean philosophy and the steps we’re taking to make the world a better place for you and your family.

The Rainforest Alliance strives to protect the planet and help people thrive too. By working together, we can significantly improve our reach and accelerate positive change.

And the issues are extremely important to us. When other companies use standard coffee beans, they can indirectly contribute to deforestation, reduced biodiversity, and higher pesticide and water use. In fact, these environmental problems are prevalent in the farming industry, which is why choosing Rainforest Alliance certified ingredients and products is so vital.

It’s also why nothing but Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans would do for Modere Logiq. We formulated Modere Logiq with Rainforest Certified Colombian coffee and combined it with Liquid BioCell™ plus lemon balm, asian ginseng and gotu kola, to ensure that each time you use Logiq, you enjoy a totally unique drinking experience. And you help coffee farmers and their communities have access to better pay and living conditions, as well as promoting responsible farming practices to protect the environment.


Join the Rainforest Alliance for their annual #FollowTheFrog event from September 26 to October 2 for an eye-opening journey. You’ll learn more about the farmers and partners who are working so hard to build a world that’s better for you and the environment. Tune in on InstagramFacebook or Twitter and be sure to subscribe to their social media channels so you can support sustainability by following the frog year-round.

Modere and the Rainforest Alliance are leaders in the global movement to help create positive change. Join us in supporting people and nature thriving together. Show your support by taking a selfie with your favorite products that feature Rainforest Alliance certified ingredients, like the coffee beans in Modere Logiq, and share them on Instagram today. #FollowtheFrog #Logiq