Keep going! Because once you’re done, you’ll have something to be really proud of. Every centimetre, every healthy choice is something you can relish. As a society, we tend to fixate on the visual consequence of weight gain and weight loss, but what happens when we start to look beyond the scales? Understanding the reasons why you want to lose weight is often the key to staying motivated, and getting results. Reflecting on your motivation and goals at the beginning of your journey means that you can see how far you have come–not just on the scales but with the quality of life that you want. The results? Increased inspiration to tackle the three-month healthy living challenge.

Tips to remember:

  1. Determine your ‘why’: Picturing what better health what would change in your life – such as having more energy for parenting – means that you can be your own weight loss inspiration.
  2. Set goals that match your motivation: The next step is to connect that inspiration to an achievable goal–the ‘after’. This can be in any facet of life, and doesn’t have to be a number.
  3. Have a plan and support: When your journey is already mapped out, it’s easier to follow. Even more so, if you’ve got support along the way. Programmes such as The Body Transformation Challenge can provide both structure and support, so that the day-to-day tasks are manageable.
  4. Make time for your health: Look at your plan and figure out what time you need, and then factor that time into your week. This way, you’re preparing yourself to make sustainable change. For example, if you want to increase your daily steps, you may need to add some extra travel time to your morning commute, or squeeze a walk into your lunch break.
  5. Keep it simple. Choose meals that fit into your lifestyle and stick with them. It takes the guesswork out and creates strong habits.
  6. It’s natural to hit a plateau; a time where you seem to stop losing weight, sometime during your weight loss journey. The good news is, if you keep it up, another round of results are just around the corner.
  7. Remember, success isn’t always equal to centimeters and numbers on the scale, although we’re sure you’ve experienced that much. The way you feel and the habits you’re creating for a healthier life are just as important.
  8. If you don’t see results as quickly as you’d like, stay committed. Everyone’s body will respond differently to the Body Transformation System, but everyone’s body will respond. And remember, sometimes the measurements improve even if the weight seems to have hit a temporary plateau!

Modere can help you get there with the Body Transformation System: an approach to wellness that focuses on ‘real food for real people who want real change’.