Which Shake to take?

They all taste good. So which shake from Modere is best suited to you?

Well, whichever one you choose you’ll find them easy to prepare, in even the simplest kitchen or on the go using a fork or whisk in a beaker.  They even shake up nicely in a bottle of water when all else fails.

Trying to control weight? Taking the M3 Pledge? Stick with Sustain.

The M3 System from Modere is healthy lifestyle and good nutrition combined with weight control. Calorie control plays its part – and topping yourself up with something nutritious when you feel the urge is important.

More often than not, you may feel that urge in between meals.  So reach for Sustain Protein Shake. Mix it with water and you’ll only be hitting 76 calories per serving. So, while you won’t be blowing the budget calorie-wise you’ll still be banking a useful 14 different vitamins & minerals, 11 g of protein, 8g of carbohydrate and a boost of fibre to boot.  Less than half a gram of sugar too. All you have to do is to remember to take that little Sustain sachet with you everyday.

Top tip. Leave one next to your car keys, wallet or purse the night before to help you resist the lure of other types of treat!

Right now, Sustain Protein Shake is only available as part of the M3 System.

Check out the M3 System here.