Take a closer look at the Durian fruit

You might be surprised if you really do get up close to a Durian fruit. It can be a bit, well, stinky.

That’s why you don’t want to leave Durian for too long after harvesting (even less time if the ripe fruit has naturally fallen from the tree).

And you don’t want to wander around under a tree full of ripe Durian either as each spiky husked fruit can weigh around 1.5 kilos and has a long way to fall from a tree that can grow to around 30 metres in height.

Now, that ripe odour is generated by a number of compounds, and is at first quite unfamiliar to western tastes.
The indigenous folks of South East Asia are more appreciative and epicurean in their love of Durian though.
Once you get it past your nose that delicate creamy fruit tastes pretty darn good, and is packed with nutrients including amino acids, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients.

That is why we are so into it – and why we created our Durian drink.

We’ve used an aseptic production process to keep the goodness of Durian and a host of other tropical fruits but we have taken out the stinky bit, as well as excluding artificial sweetener and colourings.

You may be pleasantly surprised how good Modere Durian tastes.

 Modere Durian is a royal assembly of whole-fruit purees and concentrates, rich in         phytonutrients.