Clean products, clean conscience

The concept of never is powerful precisely because it is daunting. If something is never done, then it appears impossible. But at Modere, we know it’s not.

Our history is rooted in clean

Over 30 years ago, we started with a single product: Shampoo. In the process of creating our first product, we had to make a decision: Either use conventional product ingredients or strive for something safer. We took the road never travelled. We chose safer for our customers, ourselves and the environment. Instead of formulating with SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), we opted for more sound ingredients. And, while we didn’t know it at the time, that decision would go on to define our entire company. SLS was the first ingredient to which we said no, starting a list of ingredients we refuse to use that now numbers 3,000.

So, when we say that we’ve never used SLS and never will, we understand the undertaking and we mean it.

What is SLS?

SLS is a common additive in most cleaning and personal care essentials. Bars of soap, hand wash, shampoo—you name it, a significant portion of household brands include SLS within it. The chemical has been used in cleaning products for more than 80 years and chances are it will continue to be used for the next 80.

But since our start, we’ve been offering a way to disrupt this precedent with safer alternatives.

Let’s get the facts straight first: SLS isn’t inherently dangerous in moderation. However, as with any ingredient, some individuals are more susceptible to irritation and that may be reason enough for concern.

So why even use this chemical? Bubbles. Or foam, rather. Somewhere down the line, foam and lather became synonymous with clean and healthy. This resulted in companies turning to artificial foaming agents so their customers would feel like they were getting the most amount of “clean” for their money (sometimes at the price of safety).

But personal care and wellness products are largely about the comfort of feeling that what you are using is working. Even if you are not allergic to SLS, a rich lather is made richer by knowing that the products you’re using are safely formulated. SLS – like gluten and other controversial product ingredients – have fallen into disrepute. Today, some people either don’t feel safe with these ingredients in their products or would simply prefer a product without them.

EWG speaks

When it comes to equal parts safe and effective, Modere products let you have your cake and eat it, too. Instead of SLS, we use less controversial foaming agents such as cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine (CAHS) to boost foam and viscosity. On its scale of 1-10 (10 being an extremely dangerous substance), the EWG ranks CAHS at a comforting one whereas SLS scores between two and three1,2. That difference can reduce the potential for irritation, and we make it our business to exist within that difference.

So why say never? Its much-needed peace of mind in a world of muddled labels – a promise that lets our customers rest easier with the knowledge that their self-care essentials are there to help and never hurt.

Never is powerful and, at Modere, we mean it.