Top 10 Anti-Ageing Skin Care Tips

We should all love the person we see in the mirror, but are there times when you see your own face and think that just maybe you couldn’t get away with using words like ‘radiant’, ‘renewed’ and ‘refreshed’ to describe your skin anymore?

We all know those outward signs of ageing and most of us would love to turn the clock back a little, maybe not to fully revisit our youth, but to experience the sensation of looking and feeling more youthful.

Stopping or reversing time isn’t possible, but fortunately there are simple steps and lifestyle factors you can take to minimise the visual effects of time just by adopting them into your daily routine.

Here are ten of Modere’s favourite anti-ageing skin care tips to help your skin look at its most youthful and vibrant.

1: Protect: Apart from smoking (and we all know how badly that affects virtually all aspects of your health) sunlight is probably the most easily managed ageing factor for the skin. Always use sunscreen, it will help prevent premature ageing, wrinkles and age spots. Modere Sunscreen SPF 30 is perfect for protecting your skin from premature ageing.

2: Hydrate: Drink plenty of water – and not just when you’re thirsty. If you want to know the effects of dehydration on your skin, think of the difference between a grape and a sultana! Topically, Modere Toner for Combination Skin is perfect for hydrating the skin.

3: Sleep: Ever tried to look young and vibrant with dark circles, puffy eyes and tired looking skin? Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep each night and let your skin restore, renew and rebalance. The correct Modere Night Cream for your skin type can help hydrate your skin and leave it feeling refreshed while you sleep.

4: Cleanse: Your grandma was right. Wash your face morning and night to avoid excessive build-up of oil and bacteria. Not only will your pores thank you, your skin will look and feel more youthful. Modere Cleanser for Dry Skin is perfect for preserving moisture without over drying your skin.

5: Unwind: Is that a frown on your face? Want those lines to stay there? Manage stress and take time to relax. Stress can decrease moisture and firmness as well as promote skin ageing. Infused with hops, spiraea, and matricaria extracts, Modere’s Bubble Bath smells amazing and helps you unwind.

6: Exfoliate: Get rid of a dull complexion by shedding dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation helps unclog pores and reveal fresh, rejuvenated skin. The Modere Body Bar is excellent at exfoliating and hydrating as it cleans the skin.

7: Nourish: Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs by eating a balanced diet based around fruits, vegetables and fish. A healthy diet helps promote radiant, firm skin and can help ward off wrinkles and age spots. To help ensure you’re getting your full complement of vegetable goodness, Modere Green Qi has a blend of greens, fruit and berry extracts, to help you balance your daily diet and fuel the body and skin.

8: Moisturise: Great advice you should have got from your nana once again, apply an appropriate moisturiser morning and night. Moisturisers help fight dryness, balance skin tone and improve texture for younger looking skin. You’ll find a range of moisturisers in the Modere range (including Day Lotion Combination Skin with SPF 15 – yes, moisturiser with in-built sun screen!) or try Skin Veil, an ideal way to protect your skin against the harsh drying effects of the environment without suffocating your skin.

9: Exercise: Stay active and get your blood flowing. Increased blood flow helps nourish the skin and cells, makes you feel energised and promotes a natural healthy glow.

10: Infuse/Defense: It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s being released this week! Modere I/D is a revolutionary anti-ageing system that combines our exclusive botanical infusion gel with a powerful environmental skin defence shield. In two simple steps, I/D not only produces instant results, it improves skin health and appearance over the long term as well.