Top Food for a healthy glowing skin

If having the perfect topical skincare regimen is essential when it comes to a beautiful complexion, remember that what you eat can also have an impact. Here we list some foods that may be great to add to, or increase in, your diet to help support your skin.

Unless you have been living in autarky with no internet connection over the last few years, you will have noticed that avocado was quite the star of all the blogs promoting a healthy lifestyle. Whether it was on toast, in Buddha bowls or just added in smoothies, avocado is quite often on the menu and for good reason! Low in cholesterol, avocado is rich in potassium, and vitamin E and C.

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries… Berries are highly recommended for a more supple skin because they help the body to naturally produce more collagen. Low in calories, they are so tasty, it is easy to add them to your daily diet without feeling guilty. They are the perfect beauty ally!
Berries. Take your pick….blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries… are packed with nutrients, low in calories and oh so tasty. It is easy to add them to your daily diet without feeling guilty too!

Grapes contain 20 antioxidants, making it a real anti-wrinkle asset since they also fight free radicals caused by pollution, processed foods and sun exposure. Free radicals make the skin age prematurely, so any extra help is welcomed when it comes to keeping your skin nice and supple.
Grapes contain a number of antioxidants to help support the body’s cell defences and take on free radicals which may cause skin to age prematurely.

Kale is packed with excellent antioxidants. You can eat it raw in a salad, add it to fruit juices or it can just be a wonderful ingredient for your veggie quiche.

Lemon helps fight infections, thanks to its high content in vitamin C. This could be useful if you are trying to combat acne inflammation for example. Lemon is also a powerful antioxidant, which helps when it comes to fighting wrinkles and it promises a luminous complexion. Lemon can easily be added to your daily routine, just add its juice to your water or add a little squeeze on your salads for extra flavour.
A nice juicy lemon is a kitchen staple, a standby when you need to impart additional flavor and zest to a number of dishes. It is bursting with vitamin C which which can easily be added to your daily routine, if you just add its juice to pep up and refresh a glass of water. You can also add a little squeeze on your salads and vegetables to impart extra flavour.

Nuts improve the quality of nails, hair and strengthen the elasticity of the skin. The selenium they contain also fights against infections and acts against acne. Nuts are also a very good source of zinc, which helps protect cell membranes, maintain collagen and promotes skin renewal. It repairs damaged tissue and heals wounds, while protecting your skin from the sun. Nuts are very good as a snack in the afternoon Y and ou can sprinkle them on top of your porridge in the morning or in your salad for a fancy touch!

They might be small but they are mighty and great support for your diet. Many shapes and forms but they share many common nutrients such as selenium and zinc. Nuts are a great snacking option too so if you are on the go they easily stash into your pocket, bag, desk drawer etc. Keep them in your store cupboard too – sprinkle them on top of your porridge in the morning or in your salad for a fancy touch!

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