2022 Body Transformation Challenge


That’s right, January is right around the corner, and if you want to join in the fun, then get ready for the 2022 Body Transformation Challenge.

You can enter the challenge anytime between the 1st of January 2022 and the 31st of March 2022, with After pictures accepted up until the 30th of June.

It’s the perfect way to start the year with determination and to keep you on track with your goals!

What is the Body Transformation Challenge?

The Challenge is part of the Body Transformation Programme, which also includes a printed guide with every first order of the Body Transformation System collections and a Facebook Community loaded with helpful tools, inspiration and encouragement.

The Challenge :

Our Trio of products are scientifically designed to optimise and complement any nutritional, exercise or weight management plan.

Activate: A monthly, 3-day cleanse designed to kick-start your digestive system with ginger root that contributes to normal digestive function.

Ignite: A powerful, science-backed formula, crafted with Guarana seed which contributes to fat metabolism and weight control, combined with Camellia sinensis, which supports resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

Trim: A robust combination of multi-patented Liquid BioCelltechnology which introduces a highly absorbable form of type II collagen into the body to support skin’s hydration, firmness and elasticity, and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels*.

* The beneficial effect is obtained with 10g of CLA.


  • Make 3 lifestyle changes:

All you need to do is MAKE 3 – that’s make three lifestyle changes. Choose one of the three habits to stick with throughout the challenge.

-Drink min 1.5L of Water

-Avoid Sugary Drinks

-Walk 7500 steps a day

-Avoid Fried Foods

-Avoid refined carbohydrates

The guide and community will also help you choose healthier eating habits and make physical activity changes to reach your goals.

  • Do so for 3 months !


By incorporating the Body Transformation System products into your routine and committing to making three lifestyle changes, you’re choosing to take charge of your body and see your results so you can look and feel your best!


How do I enter the challenge? 

You can start the challenge anytime between the 1st of January and the 31st of March 2022.

After purchasing a Modere Body Transformation System Collection, you simply need to take a Before Photo before you start the challenge and submit it into the Before Picture Challenge Portal, use the Body Transformation System products during three month as per directions, then take an After Photo of your results at the end of your 3 months, write an inspiring testimonial of your journey and submit them into the After Picture Challenge Portal (After Picture Challenge Portal will be open as of 1st April 2022 and close on the 30th June).

We will then choose 3 lucky winners who will win 300€/£300 worth of Modere Products!

All the information you need to enter the challenge can be found in our 90-day challenge entry guide or on the Body Transformation Community.

What is the Modere Body Transformation Community?

This Facebook group is entirely dedicated to anyone who wants to commence their  Body Transformation journey  – or needs a little extra help while they go through it.

Here you can find a host of printable tools to track your progress, inspire your meals and lifestyle choices, support you in developing your physical activity and, last but not least, to share your journey with like-minded people.

What is the Modere Body Transformation Programme Guide:

It’s a 16-page brochure that you will receive when your first purchase any of the Body Transformation System collections.

Download Guide.

If you’re curious about our Body Transformation System products, community or challenge, head to our Facebook community or make sure to get back to your Modere representative.

It’s time to challenge yourself and begin your transformation!

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