Keeping hydrated


Part of the M3 Pledge includes staying hydrated. People on the M3 System pledge to drink five 350ml glasses of water every day. It’s important to remember the amount of water needed stay fully hydrated varies by individual and depends on several things such as activity level, size, weight, and diet.


That probably doesn’t make much sense, but when you consider over 20% of water intake comes from food, it does. 1 lettuce has 95% water content while watermelon and broccoli contain 92%. Diets rich in foods with high water content mean you don’t have to drink as much throughout the day—unless you want to. We won’t try and stop you.


Who knows your body better than anyone else? You! Don’t ignore the cravings for water. The body will speak to you. Don’t let the soft reminder turn into an uncontrollable urge for hydration. Dehydration is no joking matter and could lead to something more serious.

Even when indoors, consider how you FEEL throughout the day. Maybe you’re feeling hazy or tired. Studies show people may feel more alert after drinking some water.2 For some, just a little water is all it takes to feel more alert throughout the day.


The colour of your urine speaks volumes to your hydration. Urine that has a pale-yellow colour is a good sign of adequate hydration. Dark-coloured urine or small volumes or urination are often signs of dehydration. Keep in mind, some supplements and medications may also produce dark urine.1

Even if you are dehydrated and try to drink a ton of water, your body will take time to replenish the stores. Instead of running low and risking dehydration, much like a car, keep your fluid levels high!

At the end of the day, make sure you’re drinking enough fluids. This could be tap water, sparkling water, milk, or various non-caloric, zero sugar drinks. Your body needs hydration, especially in the summer, and it’s great for weight control.1

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