Durian, King of Fruits

Although rarely found in Europe, Durian is one of the most loved and debated over foods in the world. Known as King of Fruits, native to South East Asia, it’s considered a most delicious and healthy treat to the local people. However, it’s prohibited to bring Durian on to public transport, or into hotels in Malaysia, Thailand and other countries! In some areas it’s only allowed to be sold after dark. This is because it has a very controversial smell. Some people consider the aroma of durian to be heavy and sweet, but to most people, even those who enjoy the taste of the fruit, the smell is off putting to say the least! Drawing comparisons to rotting flesh, civet, mouldy cheese, sewage and sweaty socks! It is loved in South East Asia though! Many consider it the most delicious food in the world, comparing it’s taste to caramel, custard, and peanuts with a hint of chives and spice. Other people even if they can brave the smell find the taste sulphurous and unpleasant. People who have experienced it tend to be very passionate about it, either they think it tastes like Heaven or it stinks like Hell.

Durian is not only esteemed for its controversial smell and taste. Durian’s exceptional phytonutrient profile contributes to its position as king of fruits. To make it palatable to the most unadventurous of Western palates, we have removed compounds that create the strong smell and without adding any artificial sweeteners, while it’s unique organo-sulfur compounds, amino acids and essential fatty acids have been preserved. By combining it with another phytonutrient and antioxidant-rich tropical fruit, mangosteen, we’ve created a delicious daily fruit drink harnessing the goodness of nature’s most nutritious fruits with that won’t make you hold your nose!

A personal note from the author of this post. I tried Durian in Kuala Lumpur many years ago and still retch at the memory. I had been told that Modere Durian was good, but I did not work up the courage to try it until last week. It is delicious! I highly recommend on its own or with mango juice!