All about the Noni fruit

Its knobbly to behold and perhaps one of the quirkier looking of the world’s fruits but how many of you have actually tasted a Noni fruit.

Not many of you in our part of the world (Europe) we suspect. It’s a familiar fruit to in South-East Asia and Polynesia though, favoured by the indigenous people for generations.

It thrives in rich volcanic soils which help to pack the fruit with nutrients and phytochemicals.  So it sounds like something worth adding to your diet then.

If you can get hold of a ripe noni fruit (look for prickly, bright green skin) then you could go to the trouble of peeling it then juicing or blending it. We’re not sure how it might taste though.

Alternatively you could give Modere Hawaiian Noni a shot. Quite literally, just 30ml at a time.

We’ve blended 92% noni juice from Hawaii, with apple juice and a blend of other juice and vegetable concentrates added for sweetness. A great tasting way to tap into the goodness of the Noni fruit.

Check out Modere Hawaiian Noni Juice.