When you take the decision to make a change, whether it’s in terms of habits, health, lifestyle or other, it’s important to write down what you want to achieve, where you are starting from and to keep track of it as you go along. This is a great way for you to stay motivated and to see your progress each step of the way.

So, if you are tracking your #m3newme challenge for instance, then don’t forget to write down what you want to change. This can be the weight you want to lose, the level of activity you want to reach, the clothes size you want to buy or another goal of your choice. These will be your personal targets and it’s best to keep them realistic!

Then you need to track your results every week. Keep a diary (written and photographic) to record your progress vs. your targets. Only do this once a week and ideally at the same time of day – and for weight, use the same scales. You may also want to state how you feel in your new body, which part of your body has changed most and how your clothes fit. This will allow you to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t hesitate to write down the recipes you try out and enjoy so you have ideas of menus to choose from when you lack imagination.

Now, the first step is to take your before picture and record your starting weight. We know this can be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it when you finally see the ‘after’. The most effective before and after pictures will be in the same outfit in the exact same spot.

Second, record the measurements of your waist, thighs and neck. Or if you want to go that step further, measure your chest and biceps to see the physical transformation from your work-outs. Again, be sure you measure a specific spot for best results.

Here are some handy tips on how to take your body measurements:

Chest measurement should be made at the nipple or the middle of the breast.

Bicep measurements should be made at the midpoint of the upper arm; typically the widest point on the upper arm.

Waist measurement should be made at the midpoint between the lowest rib and the iliac crest (the highest point on the hips) – typically the smallest point on the waist.

Hip measurement should be made at the widest point around the buttocks.

Thigh measurements should be made at the midpoint of the upper leg.


Right, have you written them down? Are you ready to see those numbers change?

Remember, with M3 if you take the 3 products, stick with your 3 lifestyle choices and do this for 3 months. You can do it!