We’re all different. The way we look, act, our body composition and ultimately, our best shape.

Stepping on the scales is not the most effective way to determine your ideal weight, so we need to stop beating ourselves up about the kilos.

Two people can be the same height and weight but have a vastly different body composition – it’s all about muscle to fat ratio and this varies from person to person.

Our own personal best shape may look totally different to the next person’s. We need to stop comparing ourselves to our friends, people we pass in the street, or those we see on social media. It’s about acknowledging what we can and can’t change and working towards the goal of achieving our optimum self – inside and out.

There are many aspects of our bodies we can’t change – our height, shoe size or bone structure. But we can control how to make the most of the body we’re given, to give ourselves the best chance to reach our potential. If we strive to become a size zero or look like a supermodel, we’re only going to be disappointed. Why not make life choices that will make us look and feel great, and not set ourselves up for a fall through unrealistic weight loss targets or strict diets that only leave us craving the cookie jar?

We all know that the best way to get in the best shape is through a balanced, healthy diet coupled with regular exercise. But sometimes life gets in the way. Here are some easy ways to give yourself the best chance of reaching your potential:

  • Don’t get over-excited and sign up to an exercise regime you’re not going to stick to. If you’re not a morning person, don’t commit to a 5am class every day, that you’ll end up dreading. Try something you know you’ll realistically be able to fit around your life.
  • Be realistic – if you’re new to exercise, start with regular walking and work up to a jog. Don’t think you can go from the lounge to 10k overnight! Setting achievable goals and increasing them over time is likely to be much better for your motivation and mental health. There’s no feeling so good as that feeling of self-pride as you move towards your goals – one step at a time.
  • Get social!  Enlist a friend or join a club. It’s always harder to say ‘no’ if you’ve got people by your side, encouraging your journey and cheering you on.
  • When it comes to diet, if you think of crisps or cakes as a ‘special treat’, try to change your mindset. Think about how snacking on healthy food is actually giving your body the treat it deserves. Nobody ever feels worse after eating nutritious food!
  • Don’t set overly ambitious recipe plans that you won’t stick to because you haven’t got the time. Try out a selection of recipes you enjoy that won’t break the bank but include tasty, nutritious ingredients the whole family will enjoy.

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