Stay Fresh for Summer: Modere Deodorant

It’s the start of Summer: hotter weather; lighter clothes; days spent in the park. But anyone who uses public transport knows in Summer we become more conscious of the way we smell. In the Middle Ages people believed diseases were spread by bad smells, we now know better, but it’s still not pleasant or polite not to consider our personal body odour.

That said staying fresh in Summer can be a challenge, even with regular showers and wearing clean, breathable fabrics. On hot days sweating more than usual happens to everyone. Some people sweat more and that’s natural and normal. Sweating is how your body cools itself, if we didn’t sweat we would not be as adaptable to warm temperatures, even those we experience in Northern Europe! Sweat does not smell on its own, it’s mostly a mixture of salt and water. All of us have millions of microscopic bacteria living on our skin, don’t squirm at the thought – it’s a mix of beneficial bacteria that keeps us healthy and other bacteria which are not so good for us. The smell comes from when the bad bacteria on your skin breaks down the sweat and excretes it as compounds that smell when they are exposed to air.

The conventional way to prevent body odour is to use anti-perspirants. These work by plugging your sweat glands with aluminium salts, preventing the natural process of sweating. Those of us who have combination or oily skin know that plugged pore are blocked pores and can cause bumps and irritation, especially for people who choose to shave.

Modere’s deodorant is different. It encourages the good bacteria on your skin to work, controlling odour without irritating the skin. Coriander, sage, eucalyptus and aloe vera, keep you feeling fresh and without the use of aluminium. It has a very gentle scent that is unisex and will not clash with any fragranced products you use.

We recommend that before you start using Modere Deodorant you wash yourself well and exfoliate your armpits to clean out any blocked pores. Modere Body Bar gently exfoliates as it cleanses and hydrates. You can also use Modere Exfoliant to give your skin an extra cleanse, and rejuvenation. When you are out of the shower and totally dry, shake the roller ball applicator, apply to your underarms and let dry before getting dressed.

You can have the confidence to know you will stay fresh during the day, and know you are treating your body, and all the good bacteria well.

Stay cool!