Pledge. SmartShip. Save.

We think everybody deserves a little extra attention when they purchase Modere Products. Our award-winning portfolio features scientifically tested, multi-patented, clean label formulas that deliver results—and keep customers coming back for more.  So we wanted to add a little extra when they do just that.

Modere Live Clean Pledge selections are ready to place in your shopping cart with easy click. So far so good. Now what about that extra something.

It’s called SmartShip – and by ordering your Modere Live Clean Pledge selection this way, you can save up to 15%.

It works like this:

Add one of the Live Clean Selections to your Smartship template (or if you don’t do SmartShip already then create a template with one of these selections included.  You’ll save 5% on the normal selling price of that Selection.
If that same Template is processed the following month, then you’ll save 10%.  Leave it there for a third month and you’ll save 15% PLUS you will also save 15% for every subsequent consecutive month that Selection stays on your Smartship template.

Please note that this discount is applied to a maximum order quantity of one of your chosen Live Clean Selection (s) per monthly SmartShip template. If you want to add a different Selection at any time then please be our guest.
We’ll start the cycle on that selection – so a 5% saving in the first month, then 10% in second consecutive month, 15% in the third etc. You may find have you have a lot of discounts to manage on your template this way. Lucky you.

Keep the items in your SmartShip templates consecutive months though. If you miss a month your discount will be reset to 5%. We don’t want you to miss out so – keep those selections rocking on Smartship.

Remember: Pledge. SmartShip. Save.

*Terms and Conditions apply.