Every morning is a clean slate.  The possibilities are endless. You feel ready to take on the world, and you know you’re going to give it 100%.

But sometimes, despite your best intentions, the best mornings can quickly turn into stressful days… and exhausting nights.

At Modere, we believe they don’t have to.

Introducing our latest innovation– Modere Logiq Coffee.

Logiq™ ushers in a new generation of this once-exotic elixir by combining the delicious aroma of the finest Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Colombian coffee beans with our own remarkable TetraBlend™ to give you a totally unique drinking experience.

Tetrablend is our proprietary combination of ancient herbal ingredients including lemon balm, gotu kola and Asian ginseng plus, we’ve added award-winning Liquid BioCell™ hydrolysed type II collagen elevating this daily staple to a whole new level.

Pop a sachet of Logiq™ in your pocket or purse so you can enjoy this luxury anywhere, at any time.

We haven’t sacrificed any of the premium coffee experience you love; we’ve just made it better!

And for a decadent twist why not add a serving of Collagen Sciences™ Trim and your milk of choice to create the ultimate coffee.

The Liquid BioCell in Trim helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, support youthful looking skin and improve the skin’s hydration, firmness and elasticity.

An instant pick-me-up that’s delicious hot or iced, Modere Logiq™ is a stroke of genius every day.