We live in a society where everyone is always on the go, and we are too busy to stop and spend quality time with ourselves or our loved ones. This comes at the detriment of our relationship with others and ourselves, as well as our general well-being and health too. At the end of a long day we realise we’ve been stressing out about work related matters or getting stuck in the traffic but haven’t really given ourselves, or those around us any attention.

You might have heard of the Scandinavian Hygge concept, well our wise Swedish friends have also been practicing another ritual for hundreds of years allowing them to stay clear-minded and connected to themselves and those around them even with a hectic lifestyle. It’s called FIKA.

The word Fika is a rearrangement of the slang word kaffi (coffee) and can be translated as ‘having a coffee break’. More than simply focussing  on the beverage itself, it promotes the idea of taking a break; a fulfilling, indulging break. Exactly what you eat during fika is not really important. The food is incidental to the companionship.

Fika is a state of mind, a concept and an attitude. To Swedes, to Fika is to take time out of your day to enjoy a coffee and socialise with your friends, colleagues or family, or even just with yourself. They believe it refreshes the brain helping you be more productive and build stronger connections with those around you. It’s all about slowing down and finding time for friends and colleagues, whilst you sip a drink and enjoy something small to eat.

Typically, Swedes Fika twice a day, but these days, Fika can take place anywhere and anytime a coffee break and snack are needed

So, it’s time for us all to introduce Fika into our daily routine. To enjoy a coffee alone or with others and really drink in the moment.  Soon you’ll realise you’re never be too busy to Fika.

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