M3 Pledge contest winners

Now that our three winners of the M3 Pledge Contest have formally accepted their prizes, we’re happy to announce these lucky Modere members to you as well.

Congratulations to Mariya, Margaux and Mary for their focus and determination to gain a healthier lifestyle!

The winner of our main prize, MARIYA SLOBODIAN (Poland), gets a 4-night stay at the Sun Gardens resort near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The winners of our two runner-up prizes, MARGAUX LEMOINE (France) and MARY PETERS (Belgium), both get a day at a Wellness Centre.

And now about their experience with M3.

Mariya tried sports and dieting but could not achieve her desired weight result that way.  She started her M3 Pledge late September last year and lost 7.5 kg over the course of three months! She feels so much better now so that she keeps M3 at hand to continue her quest to a healthier self.

Here are the full details of her measurements over that same three months:

Before After Lost
Bust 106 cm

Waist 89 cm

Hips 110 cm

Thigh 62.5 cm

Top Arm 33 cm

Bust 100 cm

Waist 82 cm

Hips 103 cm

Thigh 56 cm

Top Arm 30 cm

Bust 10 cm

Waist 7 cm

Hips 7 cm

Thigh 6.5 cm

Top Arm 3 cm









Margaux is very happy with the results she obtained from her M3 Pledge as testified by the her measurements at the end of three months:

Before After Lost
Waist 88 cm

Hip 117 cm

Right thigh 77 cm

Left thigh 75 cm

Underbust 87 cm

Buttocks 125 cm

Waist 73 cm

Hip 98 cm

Right thigh 63 cm

Left thigh 64 cm

Underbust 77 cm

Buttocks 110 cm

Waist -15 cm

Hip -19 cm

Right thigh -14 cm

Left thigh -11 cm

Underbust -10 cm

Buttocks -15 cm

Margaux extends her thanks to Clémence Marchadour for the excellent support Clémence provided to her.

Mary experienced first-hand how awareness can bring change.  She’s very happy with the weight she lost during her three months on the M3 Pledge and particularly loves how her silhouette refined itself, to feel fit in a body that moves harmoniously and has become flexible.  To Mary, M3 represents a fantastic experience.

If you’d like to try it yourself, go to the